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General Lab Equipments

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  1. Ice Flaking Machine

    Safety system for ice production: A Low water and energy consumption.Easy to cleam condenser filter: Unique in the market The condenser filter can be cleaned without the use of any service tool. This results in easy maintenance and a longer lifetime for your system.Ice production: 100 kg/24 hours Storage bunker capacity: 30 kg External Material: Stainless steel Drain: Standard drain for melting water Electrical: 220‐240V, 50 Hz Specification subject to change without notice
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  2. Kjeldhal Distillation Unit

    This is useful for distillation purpose for 500 ml. Flask (Without glass parts & clamps) unit of 3/6 Test Mantle type with 3/6 energy regulators Specification subject to change without notice
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  3. Ball Mill

    Laboratory Ball Mill for mixing and grinding electrically operated having capacity from few gm. To 1/2 Kg. fitted with variable speed DC gear motor with the maximum 100 RPM. The jar is made of Stainless 304 and having S.S. 304 ribs easily removable for cleaning with stainless steel balls of dia 10mm to be put in the jar for mixing and grinding powders. jar is interchangeable and easily removable light in weight and compact unit to operate on 220 volts 50cy Ac only.
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  4. Kjeldhal Digestion Unit

    This apparatus is used for estimation of Nitrogen content in the substance by digestion in flask of capacity 500ml. Without glass parts and clamps. Unit of 6 Test Mantle with 6 energy Regulators Specification subject to change without notice
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  5. Oil Bath

    Temperature controlled by PID Microprocessor Digital Temp. Controller. Double walled Inside Stainless Steel 304, outside mild steel. Temp. Range 50 to 250 C. Fitted with magnetic Stirrer at the bottom (without oil).Capacity : 2Ltr.Specification subject to change without notice
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  6. Dry Bath Incubator

    24 Holes for 12mm tubes, temp. +5 deg.c above ambient to 70 deg. C Maximum heating power 125w, Temperature Controller PID, Timer1 min to 99 minutes, LCD display for time & temperatre, Anodized Aluminum block. 220V AC Supply. Available with Buzzer alarm & Overheat protection Specification subject to change without notice
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  7. Willy Mill

    Two stationary blades and rotor with four cutting edges, which revolves high speed to produce a shearing action which minimizes loss of moisture due to heat.Specification subject to change without notice.
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  8. Fume Hood

    This is a Auto by pass fume hood model designed for use in academic and research settings. This model gives great functionality for its price. It is extremely spacious and employs a no frills approach to fume hood design • Outer body of GI Sheet, asthetically powder coated finish • Vertical rising counter-balanced sash , Made of tough ened float Glass for impact resistance Smooth and light sash operation. Easily removable hinged top panel.• Highly Chemical resistant laminated inner work walls.• Electrical Utilities , Factory wired electrical sockets and switches , with Fire restardant wires, Built-in starter for blower • Ergonomic utilities and sink : PP oval sink for easy drainage, with Black granite top.• Valves : High quality Indian Service valves, allowing for extremely precise flow ,control, far greater than regular ball valves. Color coded brass fitting for gas connections.• Appratus Grid: Structure for attaching and laboratory suspending laboratory equipment.• Base Cabinets :For apparatus storage, Chemical storage cabinets on castor wheels Specification subject to change without notice
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  9. Fume Hood ( Stainless Steel 304 )

    Chamber made of Stainless Steel with strong blower exhaust system. Fluorescent Light arrangement and sliding sash door with toughened glass window in / aluminium frame with counter weights. Power plug with socket provided inside the Chamber & Work table covered with ceramic tiles or granite for chemical resistance. Stainless Steel sink is fitted on the side. The space beneath the work table is provided with storage compartments made of mild duly painted. The balanced PVC blower with stainless steel FRP deck and PVC / Aluminium pipe duct and joints is fitted at the top. To work on 220/230v AC 50 Hz.Specification subject to change without notice
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  10. Gyratory Sieve Shaker

    Gyratory Type Motion: Vibration by eccentric cam & springs Mounting: Floor/ Bench Top (Light Duty)Motor: 1/4 HP AC, Single Phase Speed: Fix Speed Sieves: 20 cm Dia x 6 no.Timer: 0-60 min mechanical Timer Specification subject to change without notice
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  11. All Glass Double Distillation Unit ( Horizontal / Vertical )

    Horizontal Model: 3.5 ltr per hr. with electronic low water level cut off Vertical Model: 1.5 ltr. per hr. with electronic low water cut off.Specifications subject to change without notice
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    These are designed to provide light effects for multipurpose viewing in Bacteriology, Virology & Mycology Labs.An ideal instrument for counting Bacterial and Mould colonies in culture work. It provides uniform glare free illumination to minimize the strain on eyes and clearly defines even small colonies.A 100 mm dia lens covers the entire illumination field and its magnifications assure highly accurate results. Counting plate with standard Wolfhugel ruling ensures clearly differentiated and sharply defied colonies. Supplied complete with counting plate and lens.This model is fitted with automatic 3 digits L.E.D. Digital Display. It minimizes the strain of counting. Each touch of Marking Pencil on the Petridish increments the colony count by ‘1’ and the glowing L.E.D. Digital Display depicts the total colony count, thus relieving the technician from the tedious task of counting and elimination the chance of error.Maximum colony count possible up to 999. Provided with a manual RESET of digital display. ON/OFF switch, counting pencil, cord and plug.Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.
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    Inner size : 61" (W) x 18" (D) x 72" + 15" ( H) inch Indicator/controller : Indicator for filter replacement Cabinet material : PCRC sheet duly powder coated from outside with rust resistant three layer special coating and inner chamber Trays : 5 no. of adjustable trays(SS304 grade, coated with highly chemical/ acid resisting coating.Chemical fume filter: Pre filter and Activated carbon filter to exhaust out all the fumes.Specification subject to change without notice
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    These cabinet are designed for storing of culture, specimen & regents in laboratories.Inside made of Stainless Steel with adjustable shelves.Frost Free chamber.Full View front vacuum glass door.Microprocessor Digital Temp. Indicator cum controller with audio – visual alarm for variation in temp.Temperature Range and Accuracy 0ºC to 12ºC ± 1ºC No. of Shelves: 2 no. (for 4 x 6 cu.ft.), 3 no. (10 cu.ft).Specification Subject to change without notice
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